Monday, July 4, 2011

How to register for an Operation Showers of Appreciation Baby Shower

Operation Showers of Appreciation currently hosts baby showers in California, Arizona and Nevada.  We hope to host baby showers in other military communities/states soon. If you are interested in hosting a shower please e-mail us at

If you are aware of an Operation Showers of Appreciation military baby shower that will be held in your area and you would like to register please see below:

Each new or expecting mom who wishes to attend one of our baby showers is asked to provide 5 pieces of information in order to confirm eligibility for the shower. Some links might not work on governmental computers so please e-mail us at and request PDF's of the forms if you are unable to access the links.

1. Baby Shower Registration Form:

2. Copy of your Most Current Les (National Guard/Reserve families who are not activated won’t have this document and that’s okay).

3. Copy of Expecting Moms Military ID

4. Proof of Pregnancy (Doctors note from hospital/pregnancy profile-we do not accept ultrasound photos)

5. Military Service Member Verification Form When it says command to be signed off  this means the active duty service woman’s supervisor, spouses’ supervisor or an FRG contact as we know many of our dads are deployed at this time and his supervisor would not be able to sign off on the verification form. In short we need a third party to confirm your eligibility.

These 5 documents can be faxed or sent via email to us at:
Operation Showers of Appreciation;
Attn: Baby Shower Registration
Fax: (760) 859-3331


All moms will be contacted via evite and confirmed for the upcoming baby shower in their area (30 days prior to the shower date!)!

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