Friday, October 28, 2011

Fort Bragg, North Carolina Shower scheduled for January 21st

We are very happy to announce our first shower at Fort Bragg on Saturday, January 21st. The shower will be held at the Corregidor Courts/Bougainville Neighborhood Center at 2pm.  This shower is only for expecting moms who are stationed at Fort Bragg, NC as well as Pope AFB.

To be eligible for our January 21st shower you must:
  • Be expecting ONLY between February 1st, 2012-June 30th, 2012.  Those expecting in July of 2012 or later will not be considered.
  • Be an active duty service woman or spouse of an enlisted man with rank of E1-E5. (Those with a higher rank will be considered on space availability basis). 
  • Be living at or in the surrounding areas of Fort Bragg, NC & Pope AFB.  Those living in another state will not be considered.

If these requirements pertain to you then please apply online at: CLICK HERE to register for our Fort Bragg Baby Shower..  As part of the Online registration you will be requested to upload a copy of your LES and our Verification Form which must be signed off by the service members First Shirt/Supervisor. We will accept online registrations for our January 21st shower up until January 6th.  Those moms who have been chosen for our January 21st shower will be notified by January 7th via e-mail.

Submitting an application for assistance does not guarantee you will be selected to participate in an Operation Showers of Appreciation Baby Shower. Families are selected to participate based on the following:
  1. Due Date
  2. Date Completed Application for Assistance Received
  3. Information provided in the “Tell us about your family” section
  4. Rank
This shower will be small so we encourage everyone to apply ASAP.


  1. Does this apply for air force as well? Technically on my husband's orders, since we were sent here in 08, it says we're stationed on Pope.

  2. Hi Brittany,
    Yes you can apply as well. Those located at Pope AFB are so close to Fort Bragg you are more then welcome to register for the shower.