Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Southern California (Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms, March AFB and Miramar) military baby shower announced on February 25th, 2012 in honor of Allysa Felshaw

On Saturday, February 25th our third annual Allysa Victoria Felshaw Memorial Operation Showers of Appreciation Baby Shower will take place. Allysa was born on February 24, 2005 and died Thursday, March 17, 2005, at San Diego Hospice. CEO Kimberly Felshaw was in desperate need of solace in March 2005 after the death of her 3-week-old Allysa-born with a terminal condition-when a joyful memory came back: The baby shower their church had thrown for Felshaw and husband Josh, a Marine sergeant. “That perfect strangers would help was overwhelming,” says Felshaw, a former Marine. Through Operation Showers of Appreciation, she has assisted thousands of expecting military families and we are excited to help more in Southern California. 

The shower in honor of Allysa will be held at Pala Casino from 1-3pm.  This shower is only for expecting moms who are stationed in Southern California (Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms, March AFB and Miramar).

To be eligible for our February 25th shower you must:

  • Be expecting ONLY between January 1st, 2012-May 31st, 2012.  Those expecting in June of 2012 or later will not be considered.
  • Be an active duty service woman or spouse of an enlisted man with rank of E1-E5. 
  • Be living at or in the surrounding areas of Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms and Miramar.  Those living in another state will not be considered.

If these requirements pertain to you then please apply online at: CLICK HERE to register for our Southern California Shower.  As part of the Online registration you will be requested to upload a copy of your LES and our Verification Form which must be signed off by the service members First Shirt/Supervisor. We will accept online registrations for our February 25th shower up until January 15th.  Those moms who have been chosen for our February 25th shower will be notified by January 20th via e-mail.

Submitting an application for assistance does not guarantee you will be selected to participate in an Operation Showers of Appreciation Baby Shower. Families are selected to participate based on the following:
  1. Due Date
  2. Date Completed Application for Assistance Received
  3. Information provided in the “Tell us about your family” section
  4. Rank
This shower will be small so we encourage everyone to apply ASAP.


  1. I don't think its fair that you limit this by rank. We are an active duty family. My husband is an e-7. We are a 1 income family with 6 kids and 1 on the way. Many e1-e5 families are dual income and make more than we do ans gave less people to feed. Just curious as to why rank alone disqualifies a family like ours. This yr it has prevented us from lots of assistance as outreaches like yours are basing it on that alone.

  2. Hi Jennifer, OSOA advertises that it assists families with ranks of E1-E5 and will help assist higher ranks on a case by case basis (space availability/donations received is the biggest restriction we are faced with) you are always welcome to register for our showers but know as with many non profits we are limited with our resources and do our very best to help as many families as possible.

  3. Hi, I applied for the Camp Pendleton shower a few weeks ago and while the website said the application went through, I have never gotten an email that said it was recieved. I wasn't sure if I should resubmit the application or not.

  4. The Single Wife-We can look up your application if you can supply us with your last name. Please e-mail Karmen at karmen@osoamil.org Thanks!