Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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As a mother and spouse, many holidays have special meanings. We have the usual suspects: family holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, where our family comes together to celebrate each other and the meaning of these holidays. As many of you know, military families don’t always have the chance to share holidays together, so we cherished each and every one. This is what makes holidays like the Fourth of July, our Independence Day, a very special day for military families.

As a former Marine and military spouse, I’ve always had a profound respect for my fellow service members and their families. The sacrifices made not only by the service member, but that of their families, shows an unspeakable amount of loyalty and love for their country. Every day, our military spouses are sacrificing that valuable family time that many of us don’t even notice or pay attention to.

It takes great courage, strength, and sacrifice to volunteer to serve your country. We would not have the freedom to celebrate holidays with our families without those who serve. I am so thankful to all of our men and women serving our country in the armed forces. This Fourth of July, please thank every service member you can for their sacrifices so you can have that family BBQ and enjoy that while they fight for those very rights.

Happy Independence Day,

Kimberly Felshaw

Founder and President, Operation Showers of Appreciation


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Not Your Ordinary Baby Shower: Unique Baby Shower Ideas

A common baby shower theme of the past is “It’s a Boy or it’s a Girl”. But not anymore! Hosts of baby showers are tossing away this go-to theme and starting to get more creative. Here are some popular new themes for baby showers:

Co-ed Baby Shower. Most people think baby showers are for “the girls”, but more and more baby showers are starting to involve the dads. Co-ed Showers can be fun and a unique way to get Dad involved in the different stages of the pregnancy. The traditional shower games can still be played, but with a twist that will get everyone involved. Mom can enjoy the “Toilette Paper Game” while Dad enjoys “The Bottle Game” challenging all his friends to see who can drink their favorite beverage faster from the bottle. Another Dad favorite is “Speed Diapering,” where all the guys will get a chance to test their skills and speed changing a diaper (using a doll for safety). For an added challenge and extra laughs, try this game blindfolded. When it comes to gifts the dad is right there to experience it too!

BBQ or Garden Party Baby Shower: This theme also allows you to make the shower more of a social event for all as opposed to an event only for women. Involving all of your family and friends is just another way to celebrate of your new little one. With a BBQ themed shower instead of traditional shower games, you can use more family friendly games, like the “Baby in the Spoon”. Using an egg and a spoon, you’ll have to carefully take the baby across the room without dropping him off the spoon. In our family, we’ve decorated with baby photos of our family members, another great way to incorporate everyone in your celebration.

Multi-Mom Baby Shower. A very common theme among military families and the preferred shower theme for Operation Showers of Appreciation (OSOA), a non-profit organization who supports expecting military moms by hosting baby showers for up to 150 new mommies at every event. Many expectant military mothers don’t have family in the area, have a husband that is deployed, or is an active duty service member. This is when organizations like OSOA are able to make a huge impact and support our local military communities.